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  • Dylan Hale

Patterson Snags 2nd Win of the Season!

Race 5 of the ITRL Truck Series took a trip to the Midwest in Michigan where Storm Patterson survived for his second win on the season.

JCOMM Motorsports Storm Patterson drove his #45 Skybox Nascar / Layin Coin Podcast Silverado to the victory leading 4 circuits after starting P19, his sixth in the Truck Series. This win means there is now a three way tie for most wins in the Truck Series between Patterson, Cherry, and Sawyer Ott! Shoulder (Chris Gayle Incorporated) Boys Brandon Pamatat finished P2 while having a mostly quiet night, leading 5 laps after starting P14 along with a ninth place finish in the Stage. Badger Racing's Ryan Dingler rounded out the podium for the second week in a row after starting eleventh and leading 17 circuits. Kevin Hash of Sippin Shine Racing started on pole, led a race high 28 circuits and finished tenth in the stage before eventually ending up P9 at the close of the race. Badger Racing's Matt Cherry won the stage after starting P7, Cherry led 19 circuits and had the fastest lap of the race before having a last lap incident that dropped him to P21 as the checkered flag flew.

JCOMM Motorsports continues to build a gap in the Team Standings after scoring 194 points on the night, 25 points more than any other team for the second week in a row, their lead now sits at 85 Points.

The Top 5 Driver Ratings From Michigan:

  1. Matt Cherry - 114.9

  2. Kevin Hash - 106.6

  3. Ryan Dingler - 103.9

  4. Sawyer Ott - 103.0

  5. Treston Ott - 102.5

Next week the series heads back in time again for a race at The Rock, Broadcast as always from the ITRN on YouTube!



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