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  • Dylan Hale

Patterson Goes For Glory at North Wilkesboro!

Race 9 of the ITRL Truck Series saw Storm Patterson take his fourth win on the season in the second race in the Championship Chase. This win, his fourth on the season sees Storm once again take the lead in the all time battle for the most ITRL Truck Series Wins!

JCOMM Motorsports Storm Patterson wheeled his #45 LayinCoin Podcast Silverado to the victory leading 35 circuits after qualifying sixth, this is Storm's eighth in the Truck Series and his twenty-fourth in ITRL history! This win gave Storm Patterson the lead in the Championship Chase by 4 points over Branden Kloosterhuis. Ridge Runner Racing's Landon Polinski finished P2 after a hard fought battle with Storm Patterson at the end after leading 9 laps to go along with the pole for the race. JCOMM Motorsports Branden Kloosterhuis rounded out the podium after leading 24 laps to go along with a fourth place finish in the stage. JCOMM Motorsports Sawyer Ott captured the stage win after starting the race P18 before settling in towards the end with a P4 finish.

JCOMM Motorsports continues to maintain top spot after scoring another 202 points, while Ridge Runner Racing scored 183 points on the night! The Top 5 Drivers in the Championship Chase:

  1. Storm Patterson - 1,143

  2. Branden Kloosterhuis - 1,139

  3. Matt Cherry - 1,134

  4. Matt Quick - 1,131

  5. Ryan Dingler - 1,126

The Top 5 Driver Ratings From North Wilkesboro:

  1. Landon Polinski - 114.1

  2. Ryan Dingler - 113.7

  3. Storm Patterson - 109.1

  4. Branden Kloosterhuis - 106.9

  5. Adam Boyles - 105.9

Next week the series travels to the past once more for Charlotte Roval, Broadcast as always from the ITRN on YouTube!



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