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  • Dylan Hale

Balfanz Defies The Odds at The Rock!

Race 6 of the ITRL Truck Series took a trip back in time again to the bumpiest track in NASCAR history, Rockingham, where George Balfanz Jr defied the odds and snatched his first win of the season.

Balfanz Racing's George Balfanz Jr wheeled his #94 Tackform F150 to the victory leading 29 circuits after starting P20, his first in the Truck Series and third in ITRL history. This win was Balfanz's only hope to make the chase after racking up over 100 points in penalties as well as a one race suspension to be served next week at Charlotte, the controversial driver this season did indeed defy all odds in the win.. M&M Motorsports Rob Stewart finished P2 while having a mostly quiet night, leading only one lap after starting P11. Badger Racing's Ryan Dingler rounded out the podium for the third week in a row after starting third and leading 16 circuits. Dave Matson of M&M Motorsports started on pole and led 21 circuits before trouble struck seeing the driver of the #09 barrel roll down the backstretch, he ended up with DNF, finishing P25. Rumors are that he will be cleared for next weeks race at Charlotte. Chris Gayle Incorporated's Brandon Pamatat won the stage in controversial fashion after starting P4, Pamatat also led a race high 32 circuits before settling into fifth as the checkered flag flew.

JCOMM Motorsports had to rely on the gap built over the last two races to keep their lead in the Team Standings after scoring only 157 points on the night, while M&M Motorsports made progress after scoring 175 points cutting the lead to 67 points.

The Top 5 Driver Ratings From Rockingham:

  1. Brandon Pamatat - 118.6

  2. George Balfanz Jr - 113.9

  3. Ryan Dingler - 108.7

  4. Dave Matson - 108.3

  5. Treston Ott - 103.7

Next week the series heads to Charlotte for the longest race of the season as well as the cutoff for the Championship Chase which kicks off in two weeks time, Broadcast as always from the ITRN on YouTube!



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