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  • Dylan Hale


Updated: Jul 26, 2021

In the early hours of the off-season for the ITRL multiple moves have already been announced. The following list is of confirmed moves and will be updated as more news rolls in.

Confirmed Moves

  • Patrick Langley is no longer associated with the ITRL

  • Chris Gayle leaves GCOMM Motorsports

  • Jason Roudebush leaves GCOMM Motorsports

  • Storm Patterson leaves GCOMM Motorsports

  • Dan Haff leaves Rebel Racing

  • Kyle Hall leaves Bearded Kilt Racing

  • David Jedlicka leaves Bearded Kilt Racing

  • Chad Nelson leaves Bearded Kilt Racing

  • Justin White leaves Bearded Kilt Racing

  • Bearded Kilt Racing has shut their doors following the legacy of BK Racing

  • Alex Bottom leaves Bayley Currey Racing

  • Matthew Welzenbach returns to the ITRL

  • Zac Kreiser joins Burnt Bacon Racing

  • Nathan Shiflett joins Burnt Bacon Racing

  • Matt Cherry leaves Kyle Weatherman Racing

  • Matt Cherry joins Bayley Currey Racing

  • Alex Bottom joins M&M Motorsports

  • Cosmik Motorsports and Crossed Wrench Motorsports split

  • Jackson Allen leaves M&M Motorsports

Rumor Mill

  • 2 former ITRL champions might be returning to the league

  • A current spotter might be heading to the Premier Series as a driver

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