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  • Dylan Hale


Updated: Jul 26, 2021

In the early hours of the off-season for the ITRL multiple moves have already been announced. The following list is of confirmed moves and will be updated as more news rolls in.

Confirmed Moves

  • Patrick Langley is no longer associated with the ITRL

  • Chris Gayle leaves GCOMM Motorsports

  • Jason Roudebush leaves GCOMM Motorsports

  • Storm Patterson leaves GCOMM Motorsports

  • Dan Haff leaves Rebel Racing

  • Kyle Hall leaves Bearded Kilt Racing

  • David Jedlicka leaves Bearded Kilt Racing

  • Chad Nelson leaves Bearded Kilt Racing

  • Justin White leaves Bearded Kilt Racing

  • Bearded Kilt Racing has shut their doors following the legacy of BK Racing

  • Alex Bottom leaves Bayley Currey Racing

  • Matthew Welzenbach returns to the ITRL

  • Zac Kreiser joins Burnt Bacon Racing

  • Nathan Shiflett joins Burnt Bacon Racing

  • Matt Cherry leaves Kyle Weatherman Racing

  • Matt Cherry joins Bayley Currey Racing

  • Alex Bottom joins M&M Motorsports

  • Cosmik Motorsports and Crossed Wrench Motorsports split

  • Jackson Allen leaves M&M Motorsports

Rumor Mill

  • 2 former ITRL champions might be returning to the league

  • A current spotter might be heading to the Premier Series as a driver


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Elaine Farnsworth Hughes
Elaine Farnsworth Hughes
03 ago 2021

Go TEAM CURREY!!!! CONGRATS to all who finished the Season... Love it, so much fun!!! Love the competition and the passion that you all have. Thank you to all the sponsors and to Sawyer and Dylan and all that make it possible to race. 😘💖

Me gusta
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