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  • Dylan Hale

ITRL Revamps into 2022

The ITRL has undergone a visual revamp to bring our marks into the 2020s. The original mark that has been around since the inception of this league will be sunset on Sunday September 4th at which time no more new graphics will be produced utilizing the original mark. The ITRL wants to give a shoutout to the creator of the original mark Eric Drapeau who brought the vision of the ITRL to life with the instantly recognizable "T" lightning bolt along with the bolts of the ITRL. Eric's contributions to the league with his original mark can never be understated as he has given the league its' first and true identity. Going forward, existing graphics will not be modified to the new logo in an effort to preserve the history of the league. The directors of the league look forward to seeing the new mark fully come into existence starting with the ITRL Gutter Team Truck Series.



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