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  • Dylan Hale

Bayley Currey is still batting 1000, tempers flare after late contact!

In just his 3rd ITRL Rush Series start this season, Bayley Currey claims his 3rd win! This New Hampshire victory did not come without controversy though. With two laps left, attempting to hold off a faster Storm Patterson, Currey made contact with Patterson in turn 4 sending him sliding off track. Patterson was able to recover and finish second but was not pleased with the move, saying “I was shocked and just disappointed, I’ve always had respect for Bayley and it’s going to be hard not to race him differently now”. Currey however stated “it was for the win and Storm would’ve done the same”. Currey picks up his 7th Rush win and new record 22nd ITRL victory after getting his 2nd Haulin Ass Pole Award of the season and leading a race high 95 laps. Brandon Pamatat rounded out the podium which was enough for him to secure a Final 4 championship spot, he is joined by Josh Ball, Roger Diebold, and Branden Kloosterhuis! Next week the 6th season of the ITRL Athen Screen Printing Rush Series comes to a close in Miami and we’ll crown a new champion!

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